GPS, Laser Or Both? Golfers Have Their Say…


Once upon a time we all used yardage books and paced things off to get our essential distances. Now we’re spoilt for choice and the decision whether to go down the GPS route or the laser rangefinder one continues to divide opinion. 

There is the pinpoint flag accuracy of the rangefinder where it takes seconds to zap what you want or the convenience and speed of the GPS watch. Or, these days, there is the best of both worlds option to make sure that you have all the numbers and that every eventuality is covered. We asked our online community where they stand on the subject.

All in favour of the GPS.. 

garmin approach s60 watch

(Image credit: Golf Monthly)

I’m probably more likely to go with a GPS watch and a pretty simple one at that. Have been tempted by the Approach S12 as it seems to be on sale in most places. babylonsinger

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