Golf’s distance chase is hilariously teased by a pro


Joel Dahmen hits his tee shot on the 10th hole at Sherwood Country Club on Saturday.

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Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger.” (Of course. Naturally. No-brainer.) Eminem’s “Till I Collapse.” The Orange Whip swing trainer.

Golfers are chasing distance. 

Golfers are chasing Joel Dahmen in videos of golfers chasing distance, too.   

While others’ pursuits and videos are profound, Dahmen’s are just playful. He shared both Friday on social media. 

Video 1. The introduction. Dahmen on a range. He hits a driver in slow motion over 14 seconds. The screen fades to black, and the words  “The quest for 170 begins today…” written in yellow appear. “Eye of the Tiger” plays for the entire 18-second video. (If you’re going to do a training montage, you need the training montage video.) 

“Stay tuned…” Dahmen wrote on his social accounts. 

“The Superintendent at Lewiston Country Club better be thinking of ways to Joel-Proof the course,” Dahmen’s caddie, Geno Bonnalie, wrote in response. 

Video 2. Day 1. Those two words, also written in yellow on a black screen, start the video. Then Dahmen loosens up with the Orange Whip swing trainer on the same range as the first video. Then Dahmen is on the ground doing a leg exercise in what appears to be a hotel room. Then Dahmen swings the swing trainer back on the range. Then Dahmen is on his knees in the room doing another exercise. Then Dahmen is doing a sit-up in the room. Then Dahmen is hitting a shot with the swing trainer back on the range. 

“Till I Collapse” plays for the entire 21-second video. It ends with it zooming in on Dahmen’s ball speed.  

166.6 mph. 

For comparison sake, Bryson DeChambeau shared his ball speed on social media on Friday, too. 

211 mph. 

“I made progress today on my #questfor170,” Dahmen wrote. 

“Your mustache is worth at least 20 mph,” a fan wrote in response on Twitter. 

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