Golfer Drowns After Trying To Recover His Ball From Water


The 90-year-old died on Thursday morning in a tragic accident

Golfer Drowns After Trying To Recover His Ball From Water

Last week, a man tragically died after trying to recover his ball out of a water hazard at Rogues Roost Golf Course in New York, according to New York State Police.

Alan J. Goldberg, a 90-year-old lawyer at the Sugarman Law Firm in Syracus, lost his balance and fell into the eight-foot-deep water that was described by police as murky before drowning. 

The accident happened last week at around 11.30 am on Thursday morning and all the initial evidence indicates that Goldberg’s death was an accidental drowning, although the results of an autopsy have still to be released. 

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Although rare, incidents like this can happen. At the end of February, another golfer, Hermilo Jazmines, was found dead in the middle of a pond at East Lake Woodlands Country Club in Florida. The 74-year-old’s death was also ruled accidental with his friends saying he “like to go looking for lost balls along the way.”

It’s a reminder for golfers out there to be careful as water hazards, while often a source of amusement on the course, can be dangerous and, in extreme cases, lead to fatal accidents.

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