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The scoring on ‘Moving Day’ remained impressive with only eight players in the field shooting over par

I have decided to change my accommodation plans and stay in the bubble over the weekend and all next week.

According to officials, re-testing may be a challenge if I leave the bubble, so now I am safe with negative Covid-19 results, I may as well stay within the bubble and not compromise my face to face coaching next week in Dubai.

The scoring on ‘Moving Day’ remained impressive with only eight players in the field shooting over par.

Of my four guys, three struggled. Danny Willett shot 73 to be -9, Jazz Janewattananond shot a level Par 72 to be -8 and Romain Wattel also shot level, so Romain remains at -7.

Only Thomas Pieters of my four beat Par with a 68 to move to -13 and in tied 19th place.

It was a ‘bad day in the office’ for the three of them who did not break par, it just happens that way some times and no blame can be placed on the 45-minute fog delay, the suspension was too short to have a negative impact on the players.

Romain admitted all departments of his game were average, Jazz putted badly, so we have looked at his putting and Danny’s short game was not as sharp as it could have been and we have worked on that this afternoon.

Disappointing news from home at my Rotherham Peter Cowen Academy Range. On Thursday I had another break-in and the burglars stole $10,000 of CALLAWAY Range Balls. My 32nd break-in and fifth this year alone.

The burglars somehow avoided all the barbed wire fences, enhanced hi-tech CCTV and all my new security stuff as well as the newly brought in ‘Pit-Bull Terriers.’ Perhaps they are feeding the dogs so the coast is clear.

In summary the current score is Burglars 32 v Police 0.

They must be local thieves as they seem at least one step ahead of all our security measures.

If someone hears or knows of a consignment of CALLAWAY Range Balls being sold cheaply on-line or on EBay, from the back of a car, in a Pub or elsewhere suspiciously, please contact the Rotherham Constabulary.

At times I wonder if I should give up and move my operations and all my businesses to Dubai full-time and base myself here.

I understand on the rumour mill from friends in Dubai that an ‘Athlete Residency Programme’ is soon to be launched in Dubai, for elite athletes and coaches to be able to have residency 12 months a year and be able to travel in an out of Dubai as they wish, and of course, use the tremendous sporting facilities, the weather and Dubai hospitality as and when required.

This sounds perfect for me and perhaps some of my players and I look forward to seeing all the details and small print, but it is certainly something worth considering.

Finally, congratulations to Rick and Jen Bevan on the birth of a baby boy earlier this week. They are part of the Dubai Team for WSP/Worldwide Golf magazine of which I have an association.

Mother and son are apparently both doing well but Dad Rick is in a mess! Are we not all in such situations?

Peter Cowen is one of the world’s leading golf coaches with Peter Cowen Academies in Dubai and Rotherham (UK).

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