Golf greenkeepers ask for support as timetable set for sport’s return


BIGGA has welcomed the Prime Minister’s announcement
regarding the timetable for the reopening of golf.

As the members’ association for golf greenkeepers in the UK,
BIGGA is acutely aware that golfers are eager to get back out on
the course and start enjoying the limitless physical and mental
health benefits of our wonderful sport.

However, as golfers have found in Scotland, where courses have
remained open for limited play, this has been an incredibly wet and
difficult winter and many greenkeepers have reported being able to
do very limited maintenance throughout the colder months.

As such, while disappointed that the restart of golf will not be
until 29 March in England, BIGGA welcomes the notice period as it
will enable golf facilities to complete any essential winter
maintenance and prepare the course for play to a standard that will
not be detrimental to the long-term health of the facility.

Over the coming weeks BIGGA will be working alongside the
governing bodies in golf to provide information regarding
reasonable expectations of course presentation, so that returning
golfers are aware of the challenges greenkeepers have faced with
regards climate, staffing and COVID-19 restrictions and to ensure a
safe, happy and prosperous return to golf for everyone.

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