Golf clubhouse damaged after buggies deliberately set on fire


The clubhouse of a golf club was damaged yesterday after a number of buggies were set alight.

Firefighters from Farnworth fire station were called to Ellesmere Golf Club in Walkden last night to reports of golf buggies on fire.

Firefighters arrived at the scene around 11pm, and were there for an hour dealing with the incident.

The buggies were set on fire, completely destroying two and significantly damaging three others, with the fire also spreading to the clubhouse, damaging a ground floor window.

The Farnworth station watch manager said: “The fire from the golf carts spread onto a little bit of the building.

“They were right outside the clubhouse which led to a window being damaged and we were there for about an hour.

“The owner said they have had some issues with youths over several recent weeks so it is now being looked into by the police.

“Two carts were completely destroyed with three more significantly damaged.

“It was definitely a deliberate act to do this.”

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