Golf Care: Lack of insurance could put thousands at…


From wayward shots to broken clubs, there’s a lot that can go wrong during your round. 

Golf Care has been providing specialist insurance to golfers for nearly 2 decades, and in that time, they’ve also witnessed plenty of unfortunate golfing accidents and incidents. 

Whatever level of golf you play, there are a number of risks associated with the sport which makes having the right protection just as important as that putter in your bag. Here’s why… 

Injuring another person

There have been countless instances of golfers hitting wayward shots which injure either other golfers or spectators. One mis-hit shot ended up costing one golfer more than just a bogey on his scorecard. His errant drive struck a fellow golfer causing him to lose an eye and resulting in a £397k court case. But, it’s not just us amateur golfers who get caught out. Former world No.1 and PGA Tour Pro Brooks Koepka hit a wayward shot at the 2018 Ryder Cup, which struck a spectator and blinded her in one eye. 

Despite what you might think, even if you shout “fore!”, you will still be responsible for any resulting injury or damage. However, if you have Public Liability insurance, you will be protected if you injure someone or damage property while playing a round. Golf Care offer up to £10 million of Public Liability to cover any compensation or legal fees that you’re found liable for.

Theft, loss and damage

From your irons and woods to drivers and range finders, you’ve probably spent a small fortune to get the set up that’s right for your game. Having to replace your equipment because of theft, loss or damage would not only be frustrating, but also costly. 

Accidentally damaging your clubs during a round is easily done – in fact, it’s by far the most common claim we receive. With everything from wrapping your club around a tree trying to get out of the rough, to forgetting to pick up one of your wedges after chipping on, there’s a lot that can go wrong during your round that golf insurance will protect you from.

Then there’s loss and theft to consider. Over the last 3 years we’ve received over 300 theft claims from unfortunate golfers who’d otherwise have been left to pick up the bill themselves. That’s why all golfers need Equipment cover. Golf Care provide up to £7,500 of equipment cover to protect your gear against loss, theft and damage. 

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Injuring yourself

As well as others, you need to protect yourself. Whether it’s a ball hitting your teeth resulting in extensive dental treatment, or a fall which results in you being hospitalised, you could easily injure yourself on the course. If you do, you need Personal Accident to ensure that you’re compensated. Golf Care offer up to £50,000 Personal Accident cover to protect you if you’re seriously injured on the course.

When you can get protection with Golf Care from just £26.59 a year is it worth the risk? Plus, with our Summer Special you’ll get a FREE golf gift bundle worth up to £175 which includes 12 FREE Srixon AD333 golf balls to add to your bag.

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