Getting Hands-On with Vessel Golf Bags


If you’re currently looking for a bag, let me tell you about the #1 best new product at the 2019 Pga Merchandise Show. 

In my opinion, the Vessel Lite Stand Bag is one you want to check out. The 4.25-pound bag is perfect for those frequent walkers on the golf course. For a compact setup the four-way top with 2 full-length dividers, still allows you to hold 14 clubs in the bag. 

Vessel also packed some of its best technology into the bag, such as, carbon fiber stand legs, patented Rotator Stand technology that allows maximum stability on uneven surfaces, a nylon rain hood, and much more. 

The material on the bag itself is Microsuede Backed Synthetic Leather. This isn’t your regular leather, it’s vegan leather that is water and fade resistant making the bag durable and very easy to clean. 

If you watched Ronnie’s What’s In The Bag, you can see, that he features Vessel’s Players 2.0 Stand Bag. One thing he mainly highlights is Vessel’s quality and their ability to personalize the bag with his own logo.

If you know Ronnie From NJ, you know he loves customization on his golf equipment and he loves to buy the best quality in the world. 

Vessel is trusted and used by over 100 PGA & LPGA players which is something you might not have been aware of, because player bags are usually covered by sponsorships but, if you see a bag out there on Tour I can almost guarantee you it’s a Vessel. So next time you’re watching a Tour event, look at the logo under the player’s bag and you’ll be amazed at how many times you’ll see a Vessel logo. 

For more on Vessel check out Inside the Leather’s host, Ronnie From NJ as he breaks down his Vessel bag!!

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