Get 2 Dozen Srixon AD333 Golf Balls For Just £35


Don’t miss out on this awesome Srixon AD333 offer, with 24 balls costing just £35!

Get 2 Dozen Srixon AD333 Golf Balls For Just £35

Srixon’s AD333 was first launched in 2003 and has been the UK’s best-selling two-piece golf ball for 11 years now.

As a result of its longevity, we ranked it among some of the Best Value Golf Balls on the market, with it being a great option for those who can’t justify premium prices but want as much all-round performance as a lower budget allows.

Srixon AD333 Offer

At just £35 for two dozen boxes, you are getting a product which costs around £1.45 a ball and, if you were to go further, a product which is considerably cheaper than one box of Premium Golf Balls.

The AD333 promises longer and more accurate driving distance, better iron control and improved greenside spin and, thanks to its FastLayer Core and 338 Speed Dimple Pattern, it certainly offers that in abundance.

With the FastLayer Core maximising speed and keeping spin low by being softer in the centre and then progressively firmer towards its edges. Srixon’s Spin Skin technology and Slide Ring Material (SeRM) does the opposite around the greens, with it’s increased friction at impact maximising spin.

Srixon AD333 Offer


Lastly, is the benefit of the ball featuring in a white and yellow colour, meaning you can use one for summer months and one for winter conditions, with yellow golf balls tending to be easier to spot on a cloudy or overcast day.

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