Forfar boy’s teeriffic foodbank donation after golf ball sale


A kind-hearted Forfar boy has sold hundreds of golf balls to raise funds for his local foodbank.

Kaeden Esslemont and his dad Iain, 41, were given two boxes of golf balls by a friend because they regularly play the sport.

But the nine-year old was inspired by seeing other charitable work his family was doing and decided to them to better use.

His parents took to social media and in about two weeks Kaeden had raised more than £250 by selling them.

The Whitehills Primary School pupil, who is mildly autistic, donated the cash to Angus Foodbank, in Forfar, on Wednesday.

Mother Emma, 40, is proud of her son’s generosity.

She said: “He thinks differently to other children his age.

“He’s only mildly on the autism spectrum. He gets by okay, but when you’re speaking to him you can tell he thinks a little different.

“He’ll give you all of his attention or none of it.

“But he really cares about people and wants to help.

“He was sorting out the golf balls that were given to us, there must have been more than 200, when he said to us if he sells them he could donate the cash to the foodbank.

“Most kids that age would probably think what they could buy for themselves with that money.”

The youth has been recently awarded Whitehills Primary School’s Excellence Award for his “outstanding efforts” with his fundraising.

Kaeden has also been appointed the role of manager for a planned one-off food bank day at his school, inspired by his goodwill.

Emma said: “Even if every kid can manage to take in one can on the day, that will be amazing.”

Boxer Lee McAllister set up a foodbank in the Assassin Health and Fitness Village in Aberdeen when lockdown was announced earlier this year.

Aberdeen boxer and trainer Lee McAllister.

Emma, originally from Aberdeen, is a long-time friend of the Aberdeen Assassin and the Esslemont family helped with the food deliveries, driving to places such as Aboyne and Alford.

She added: “On those drives back I would say I will sleep tonight knowing I have done something good.

“Kaeden would be with us and always wants to help people. Lee has been a great role model for him.

“Kaeden has such a nice spirit. A few years ago during the summer holidays he randomly gave some loose change he had to a homeless person. When he got back to school and all the kids were asked what they did during the summer, he said ‘I gave some money to a homeless man’.

“Of all the things he did that summer, that was the thing he remembered most.

“I don’t like getting attention for things, but one thing I am proud of is raising good kids.”

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