First look: Ping Glide Forged Pro wedges launched for 2021


You may have already seen these in the bags of tour stars, and now Hannah Holden can bring you the details

Tour inspired wedges? The new Ping Glide Forged Pro are already in play on the PGA Tour so what makes them different?

Ping Glide Forged Pro: First impressions

Straight off the block you notice the new smaller sizing, I really like the simplicity of the back of the club head and the overall more rounded shape.

Ping Glide Forged Pro: The technology

The wedges are precision forged from 8620 carbon steel and have a smaller, shot-makers profile. The includes a shorter heel-toe length over the ball.

The club face is machine milled with wheel cut grooves and an emery blast finish to increase spin. They also feature a wider first groove.

Again the wedges feature a water repelling hydro-Earl 2.0 finish.

Ping Forged Glide Pro

There are two grinds available across the range. First up the S grind has a more moderate level of bounce, traditional trail edge and heel relieve and a more rounded lead edge. This will suit a wider range of players as it offers more forgiveness.

Second the T Grind, this has a narrower sole and 3° less bounce than the S to give it more versatility from different lies.

The range also features the Iconic Eye 2 Toe high-toe profile. This comes in a 59° head only and has 1.5° less bounce than the S grind.

Ping Forged Glide Pro

Ping will also offer numerous custom WRX Grinds so you can get the wedge that plays perfectly the way you like. Options include heel grinds, lead edge grinds, back grinds and more.

Ping Glide Forged Pro: The details

Available: September 30, 2021

RRP: £199 (steel); £209 (graphite)

Shafts: Z-Z 115 (steel); Alta CB Slate (Graphite)

Lofts: 50°, 52°, 54°, 56°, 58° & 60° (S Grind); 58°, 60° & 62°) 59° (Eye 2)

More information: Ping website

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