Essential points of new lockdown rules


Welcome to a socialist and globalist country, if you’re part of the majority your the enemy, this is a staged civilisational coup, look at all of the measures upon the biggest economical and social crisis since the big war, all of them are digging us deeper and now we keep the establishment president in with a promise of communism for the future. I don’t think you had any other country to go anyway, it’s all around us the same…welcome to the new holodomor/holocaust, I hope you’re growing your food, collecting your seeds and have a reliable solar power bank, we’ll need it! You can try to get arrested, they’ll have to feed you and the dog, also iv you make a big drama downtown and get someone to film it, put it online and create some discussion, people are afraid but they are good people, just gotta win their hearts… that’s the danger of a slave society, we can’t trust each other anymore…Good luck mate!!!

By Anticomuna
from Algarve on 25-01-2021 05:24

Why is all travel forbidden ?

As long as I am in my car, or on my motorcycle, I am not close to any person.

I will not get or give any virus.

GNR is spending the time to stop cars and give them heavy fines.

Since drivning your car is a crime.

Instead of stopping real crimes.

By Gustav
from Algarve on 24-01-2021 05:14

You can still go to the supermarket, the ATM, the doctor, the vet…

But if you don’t have any money to buy the goods you need then you might have a problem indeed! Unless you are registered as unemployed or living under the poverty limit or as incapacitated to work because of your illness…

Did you try to contact your local municipality? Or the Santa Casa da Misericórdia? I advise you to call before you go anywhere because they only let you in with a previous appointment made by phone.

By Isabel
from Alentejo on 24-01-2021 10:29

Mr Jones you are not realistic. If you are officially and legitimaly resident and you must be if you have a car and internet,and you, quote ‘pay into the system taxes’ then social security wont let you die of cancer or starve to death . Radically, sell the car. stop spending money on social media, let your dog go, he’ll survive, Santa casa de Misericordia, as much as I loathe organised religion and its associated obligations will help. Beg for food at the back of restaurants but tell them its for the dog. It works . Go back to the social security or your local health centre.

What did you do before march 2020?

from Beiras on 23-01-2021 07:08

Dear Mr David Jones.

Food, money, medicine and all the other basics are available in the locations that one would normally use. Instead of “killing us “, the government that is responsible for ordering the lockdown are actually trying to save our lives. Spreading fear ? look for the potential positives dear fellow, like all the things you wanted to do at home, or in the garden or the terrace. The Middle East African invaders will hopefully get asylum and be upright tax paying individuals that will enable us all to receive pensions, because without them there are not enough tax payers to make pensions an option.If you have half a glass of water, is it half full or half empty ? Choosing to see it as half full is really useful in dealing with life difficulties.. I sincerely hope that you and your dog are still alive to read this note and that you can now go and get your shopping.

By Martin Jackson
from Algarve on 23-01-2021 06:31


“Yet the Portg gov give everything to foreign invaders from Middle East Africa who arrive on small boats on beaches, what about me! What about us, who paid into the system taxes,?”

I was sympathizing with the man until he reached that low. Some of the hardest working foreigners I came across in Portugal are those from Asia, Africa and Brasil who are often also exploited and withheld proper treatment or use of the public system they contribute too. So assuming of you, I might as well do the same. I assume going by the name of the person who uttered the nonsense I mentioned in the quotation marks he is not from Guimaraes but (also) a foreigner possibly from the UK or USA looking at the name and grandstanding. Calm your horses sir, no sympathy or donation from me, contact your embassy for information and support. You ve motivated me to donate to the refugees and the homeless people in Portugal.

By Saoirse
from Lisbon on 23-01-2021 02:52

Everything is great

But I live in Montes de Alvor on run Júlio Amaro and both people walking in two’s or more no masks

Lock down is lockdown

I need to understand why borders and airports are not closed as well

It I’d terrible the situation Portugal is in and the most important boarders and airports nothing is being done about it

And it’s not the fines and test that will make the difference

I came from Canada just over two years ago, to take care of my parents. Dad has passed since and mom who is 90 is not well.

Even though I am with duo citizenship I love Portugal

From where I come from Portugal has so much to learn is behind everything including customer service with little exceptions. We are 200 hundred years behind

Time to learn from other countries

But Portugal I found to be stubborn and always right

Just my opinion

Right now priority is closing everything including borders and airports

Thank you

By Elizabeth Martins
from Algarve on 23-01-2021 12:11

So I can order a pizza with a coke but not a pizza with a beer. Where is the logic?

By Robert
from Algarve on 22-01-2021 10:06

David Jones that is absolutely horrible. You are so right that the govt will bend over backwards to accommodate the so called refugees and those that live in Portugal get sh*****. Even the WHO has claimed that lock downs do more harm than good. Good luck to you stay safe.

By Tony B
from USA on 22-01-2021 06:40

David Jones,you are so right.all the media do is keep churning out statistics that the authorities give them.about time they got out and did some proper reporting as their will be thousands of people in the same position as you.

Probably not interested as it doesn’t comply with the government narrative.

By Peter shepherd
from Lisbon on 22-01-2021 06:26

I read the letter from Mr Jones who has no money or food for himself and his dog, please let me know if he has been helped?

By Colleen Fisher
from Lisbon on 22-01-2021 05:42

Why is there no information telling people where they can go or contact to get help, food, money, medicine, ?

I have no food, no money, no dog food, I cannot operate my car, no fuel,

I need medicine, I have cancer, I am going to die with my dog alone,

This is what they are doing, this is the real reality.

You cannot just lock people down, what about people with 0?

I already spent my savings on food, fuel, since March 2020,

I went to Portg social office, they turned me away, at the door, because of covid.

They are killing us all!!!

I need food my dog is starving! I need medicine, mone6 to buy fuel, medicine food.

So where is the support???

All there is is continued demands to lock us all down, but nothing is written by journalists directing people in desperate needs where to go, who to contact to get proper life saving support?

Yet the Portg gov give everything to foreign invaders from Middle East Africa who arrive on small boats on beaches, what about me! What about us, who paid into the system taxes,?

Why is there only stories written spreading fear, and threats of fines.

Why no stories explaining where people must go, or contact to get money, food medical care, medicines?

Please tell me?

By David Jones
from Algarve on 22-01-2021 10:22

The article says the schools stay open. I think this is a mistake? Here it says they have to close

By H. B
from Algarve on 22-01-2021 08:33

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