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The Armstrong Green Space Society is making a push to save the Royal York Golf Course from becoming a residential development.

There is an application to change the current Official Community Plan and rezone the Royal York land for a housing development, and the AGSS wants to keep the land as is and turn it into a community-owned golf course.

“It’s been a community access golf course for 30 years, and the community as a whole feels that it should stay that way,” says Lindsay Thachuk, president of the society. “If we kept it as a community-owned park, people could golf there in the summer and maybe even use it for winter activities when the golf season is over.”

Thachuk presented a number of reasons why keeping the golf course would be a good idea, which included Armstrong’s aging population. 41 per cent of Armstrong residents are seniors, many of whom use the golf course.

But there is another reason why the group wants to save the course, and it would affect all Armstrong citizens.

“Armstrong has a very fragile infrastructure – that’s water supply, wastewater management and sewage disposal, and this development would potentially put a lot of stress on the whole infrastructure,” says Thachuk. “Of course, that means every taxpayer in Armstrong will be paying to accommodate this development.”

There are a number of homeowners who are voicing their support to keep the course who live alongside it or in the area. They would like to save the course to preserve the green space along with their course access.

“We moved into our home along the golf course three years ago, and we have a beautiful view of the course with no yards or houses in our way,” says homeowner Ron Smeeth.

“It may sound selfish, but many of us don’t want a development to take away the course and our scenery. It would be sad to see anything built there because we obviously don’t want to be looking into anybody’s back yard – that’s not why we moved here – or, heaven forbid, we get an apartment building or condo.”

The City of Armstrong was unable to comment at this time, although city staff did say they will provide a comment and information at a future date.

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