England Golf And R&A Issue Updated WHS Guidance On NRs


What happens when you fail to submit a score was one of the areas in which more clarity has been sought

Now that most of us have (kind of) adjusted to life under the new World Handicap System, England Golf has sought clarification from the R&A on some outstanding ‘grey areas’.

In a statement released on September 27, the governing body for amateur golf in England said the WHS has been well received by federations, golf club administrators and players since its introduction.

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However, as with anything new it hasn’t all been plain sailing, with feedback across Great Britain and Ireland suggesting further R&A information would be beneficial on five topics in particular. 

One of them relates to NRs and 0.1 increases. 

Here is the R&A’s issued guidance:

World Handicap System: Understanding no returns and 0.1 increases

What happens to my handicap index when I fail to submit my score (NR)?

If the scorecard is not discoverable:

  • A ‘penalty’ score may be posted to your scoring record
  • Depending on where you live in GB&I, the penalty score may be posted automatically (which can then be overridden by your Handicap Committee, if appropriate) or it may be posted manually

If the scorecard is discoverable:

  • Your Handicap Index no longer simply increases by 0.1; the available hole scores are still taken into account – even if the scorecard is not complete
  • On holes that have been started but not completed – the hole score is recorded as a Net Double Bogey
  • On holes that have not been started for a valid reason – a hole score of Net Par is recorded
  • A Score Differential will be calculated on this basis and added to your scoring record and considered within a future Handicap Index calculations

Whenever a player fails to submit a score from an authorised format of play, the Handicap Committee should investigate the reason why, and take appropriate action.

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