Do Players Get Paid For Playing In The Olympics?


Do Players Get Paid For Playing In The Olympics?

Tokyo 2020 is here and many of the world’s best players are set to tackle Kasumigaseki Country Club as they bid for Gold, Silver or Bronze.

Golf is still new to the Olympics and this is just the fourth year it has been included after 1900, 1904 and 2016.

Whilst the golfers will not have dreamed of winning Olympic Gold as a young child, the prize on offer is still one of the greatest in sport.

Justin Rose was overwhelmed by his Gold Medal triumph in Rio last time out, but did he get paid for it?

The answer is no, as Team GB reportedly does not pay athletes for winning medals.

Players competing in the Olympics do not get paid but many nations will offer bonuses for performances.

Likewise, many nations will also fund their athletes through grassroots programmes and other initiatives.

Money is raised in various ways, like in the UK where the National Lottery contributes to funding for Team GB.

When it comes to Team GB, there is no funding on offer for golf.

Rowing and Cycling received the most funding for Tokyo 2020, with over £24m coming from UK Sport.

Numerous other sports received seven-figure funding but golf is not one of them – perhaps due to the finances in the game already.

Golf is lucky to be supported by The R&A and the home golfing unions, and the athletes representing Team GB will be self-funded from tournament earnings and sponsorships.

When it comes to winning medals, there is certainly money available and then further money will come to athletes through sponsorships and endorsement deals.

Italy pays highest for Gold Medals according to reports and paid out $185,000 per Gold at the 2016 Games.

France is second with $66,000 per Gold, Russia third with $62,600 and South Korea fourth at $53,800.

The USA reportedly paid out $25,000 per Gold Medal in Rio.

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