Debora Andrade, Golf Manager at Palmares Ocean Living & Golf resort


Daily Golf Journal Interview Series- Interview #6

Jamie O’Doherty finds out more about the newly refurbished Palmares from their Golf Manager, Debora Andrade

How long have you worked at Palmares for?

I have worked at Palmares for 8 years now and previously at Vila sol.

What has changed in that time?

Kronos Homes Group  has bought Palmares from the Onyria group last year. They are developing the resort as a whole and everyone working at Palmares is eagerly awaiting the finish of the brand new Clubhouse, which has spectacular views over the course, the beach and out to sea. They hope for the build to be complete in the Autumn and the facilities in the clubhouse will include a Pro shop, reception and two types of restaurant. An all day restaurant and a fine dining restaurant too. Three years ago the boutique hotel was completed but there are plans for a further bigger hotel in the future. Kronos now also have the Amendoeira resort where the Faldo and O’Conner golf courses are located. The Palmares resort has changed a lot in Debora’s time there. They are excited and pleased with the development at Palmares.

What do you think about the state of the current golf market?

Now it’s difficult obviously in post lockdown and she knows that a number of tour operators are struggling. However, she does feel that the golf segment will recover well; it’s the travel bans that are hurting the market right now. The course reopened on the 4th of May but it has only been members and locals playing. There are 350 members at Palmares which is a good balance between members and visitors. The 27 hole course has 3 nines and they are all different in character and allows for different combinations of play.

What is the focus of the Group?

The focus of the Kronos group is to promote the resort as a whole and not just one element. The golf, the accommodation etc all go hand in hand towards the vision of the Palmares Resort.

What is the summer promotion at Palmares?

The summer promotion is a green fee including a buggy for further information

Tell our readers something about yourself which they may not know?

Unfortunately Debora doesn’t play much golf due to time constraints and she is quite a workaholic. She enjoys working for the client and loves the golf industry as a whole. There was a time when Debora wanted to be a golf referee because when she first started in Vila Sol she learned the rules and etiquette of golf first, by running tournaments for the members. She is very proud of the staff and the resort which has already picked up awards and everyone is extremely excited about the new clubhouse opening.

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  1. Well done Debora for all your hard work.My group usually comes to Palmares in February and we really enjoy the courses.Best wishes Christooher Grievson

  2. I plan to visit this resort after reading all this ive been to Portugal once golfing and did play villa sol, debora has sold it to me I been to spain golfing last twenty years it is time for a change.


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