Covid-19 hitting Algarve tourism hard


Most people on here are adults, right?

When we grow up we learn to have patience, right?

Portugal will be open for business soon, in the meantime, stay safe, avoid unnecessary travel, to keep other people safe!

By Jonathan
from UK on 20-10-2020 07:55

Wow Scott, I don’t regret that we haven’t seen ppl like you here in Europe this summer. Pls stay away.

By Edwin
from Other on 20-10-2020 06:29

Just read the Scott Bartley article about not being allowed to enter Portugal. He seems to think that COVID is an hoax just like his President does and all this is fake news. I suggest he takes a look at the number of cases and deaths the USA has registered and ask himself if it’s an hoax!

We have a home in Portugal and was really sorry we wasn’t able to enjoy our regular trips but like many people, we were also concerned about others because our infection rates in UK were much higher.

Portugal have suffered financially like us all but we for one will not let them down when we are able to return. I’m sure many other serious citizens will do the same.

Scott I suggest you holiday in Brazil because they also believe it’s an hoax….

By Keith
from UK on 20-10-2020 06:12

Scott (or whatever disinformation campaign wrote this),

I for one, am grateful Portugal won’t let you in. Your ignorant, arrogant views are exactly what got the US in such trouble.

Portugal has done better than most in these trying times but you feel the need to tell them how things should be done so as to cater to a right wing American mentality. If you don’t like the way a socialist government handles things, why would you want to go there. The world does not need any more Trump ideology.

So please, when things do open back up, stay away. Leave the great country of Portugal to those who respect and appreciate them for who they are. And the next time you write a disinformation piece claiming to be an American, learn how to use the English language. If this is how you really write/speak, you are an embarrassment to our educational system.

By David
from USA on 19-10-2020 04:38

“April and October are, for the Algarve region, the months when the number of visitors is highest.” Really?! What happened to August?

Again, proofreading and fact-checking here wouldn’t go amiss.

The article is just reiterating what has been reported before. Yes, there was a decline for obvious reasons (because the whole world shut down for a few months). The summer was not a total washout, thanks to the Portuguese and European holiday-makers. Most importantly, now is the time to plan sensibly for the coming years by creating year-round employment opportunities for the locals.

By Annie
from Algarve on 19-10-2020 01:20

Great opportunity for the operators to adapt to the specific needs of the national market. It’s time that Portugal’s beauties and resources are finally enjoyed by the locals at affordable prices!

By Tony Fernandes
from Other on 18-10-2020 04:40

And so, the Algarve is going to host 45000 sports fans because our covid numbers are lower than the rest of the country? Brilliant

By Jane Hancock
from Algarve on 18-10-2020 03:06

C’est tout de même plus agréable avec un peu moins d’Anglais

By Delagrange
from Algarve on 18-10-2020 09:04

Keep it coming, Thanks

By Rudy
from Algarve on 18-10-2020 06:22

It is sad to read such destruction of wealth making Portugal poverty country. It is the affect of Government decisions creating needless hard times for citizens but NOT for elites they make wealth off this. My self I wanted to go Portugal for month in that area but I cannot because Portugal government and Airline will not allow me to visit a great country. This is failure of Government to keep people protected from coming poor which socialist Government do so many times.

I really want to go Portugal for the people seem really nice and Churches I wanted to visit but to have Government say you cannot go and SPEND your money in Portugal base on NO good reason for I am healthy. Government not allowing me in who does that hurt working people and ME for I have to find another choice which I have.

Portugal government not very friendly to tourist coming from America are they. I say it is total Failure of Government in dealing with this hoax of a severity Virus base on panic created by FAKE NEWS for rating and money and Universities who want money over truth. Example a government that look at things where it did NOT hurt their country economy is Sweden. That government had panel and saw what they had to do and keep the country open and government did not create poverty for their citizens.

We have government rules mandates and laws that create less work and jobs and wealth so poverty goes up and social problems increase without WORK for citizens to generate value for family and country.

Portugal government decision have NOT produce good for it citizens since their judgement was base on Fake news ideas of virus severity which came from two University computer models that where WRONG lies for wanted MONEY and fake news repeated LIES. But the citizens have take responsibility to not see the lies for they panic first and have not recover truth and hope

Question what could of been done by Portugal government to allow people into their country to provide work for lot of people is a question. Let start of airlines Government controls that where NEEDLESS. if you have every one healthy on a plane why do you need a mask and distancing. if every one is healthy coming into a country why limit travel that produce jobs.

The key government did not do setup a process to limit people with the virus coming in. If someone have virus what can be done to limit it contagious. The Class health process that has been develop for long time could of been used but for political reasons it was not and it produce poverty. This Hoax of virus contagious numbers and death numbers government response to fake news is stop business and put healthy citizens under home protective custody that has NEVER been done and cannot worked in history for it destroys more then help citizens..

This NEW history event to destroy country citizens wealth and make Government more powerful create panic over virus with fake news for fake news loves it for ratings and MONEY even if it destroys. Example of how fake this virus is for it political not real. Democrats created social distancing rules, masks and home protective custody and pick what business could be open the rest go bankrupt. These same Democrat pick what business could be open and said Protesting, rioting looting and burning of business you do not need a mask and social distancing or any protection for right to protest but not go work. It is political in America and hoax of a response base on panic base on nothing new in life.

I can back up every thing said but people are in panic and confused on risk of life and life is risk by it self. IF this virus does not get you old age. LIFE is impermanent and virus is just part of living and being healthy we deal with. Healthcare in American is government control and have been limited is service because government employees are cheap.

Government is political and part of the problem is citizens believed government can protect them in life and death. Sadly citizens under government control are paying a high price called poverty when you obey them. Elites in Government will do will and connect people in USA. If your elite Democrat connected to DC DNC your business can do will all others do bad.

Just think of all the businesses will have to sell out cheap to few that has the wealth thanks to government decisions of limiting businesses and Jobs. Citizens voted for poverty.

I do hope Portugal will open to American going there without mask. All you have to prove is your healthy what is the problem/ It is unhealthy to wear a mask all the time and if you have breathing challenge it hurts and that why I cannot fly wearing mask.

If airline management was Smart and wanted business they could fix it simply but. NO they obey government socialist employees like know something. Airlines and business are allowing their own destruction base on lies and bad decisions base on socialism. I really hope Portugal recovers from Bad decisions in government creating poverty to so many people with NO hope in recovery. Sad day but hope is all we got.

Thanks for letting me express my view point for really want Portugal to come back I am American hoping to see all the churches there and nice people.

By Scott M. Bartley
from USA on 17-10-2020 11:04

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