Cleveland RTX Full-Face Wedge Released


The new Cleveland RTX Full-Face wedge features all-over groove coverage for better contact and control.

Cleveland RTX Full-Face Wedge Released

Cleveland Golf has released a new wedge version designed with grooves across the entirety of the face, providing a cleaner contact with better control.

The wedge designers claim that the new RTX Full-Face wedge will help to improve a player’s short game versatility by bringing full-face grooves to the flagship RTX ZipCore model.

The RTX Full-Face wedge is said to allow for more consistent shots with more impacts on the sweetspot, due to the boosted High-Low MOI offering better stability on the wedge face.

Cleveland Golf RTX Full-Face wedge

Comprised of a low-density core in what Cleveland have dubbed ZipCore, the RTX Full-Face also shifts the centre of gravity to improve the consistency of each shot as well as providing a more solid feel.

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The club features a High-Toe profile for golfers that like to open the face around the green, while Cleveland’s UltiZip grooves technology ensures the entirety of the clubface is covered for optimal spin performance.

Designed closer together, UltiZip grooves are also sharper and deeper to create more groove contact for every shot.

Cleveland Golf has also taken the durability of the club into consideration, featuring a new heat treatment process that is claimed to preserve the lifespan of the grooves.

Cleveland Golf RTX Full-Face Wedges

“The new RTX Full-Face maintains the traditional and striking clean look that golfers have come to expect from a Cleveland wedge, all while adding shot-making creativity with grooves across the entire face,” said Joe Miller, Product Expert at Cleveland Golf Europe.

“It’s the perfect complement to the classic RTX ZipCore and delivers exceptional versatility around the greens.”

The new wedge is available in the UK and Ireland from June 11, with an RRP of £139 in a Tour Satin Finish, or £159 in a RAW finish.

The Tour Satin club is available in 50-64°, while the RAW club is available in 56-64°.

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