Burnt-out car ditched at Dundee’s Camperdown Golf Course ’emblematic’ of cuts to public services


A burnt-out car ditched at Camperdown Golf Course is a sign of recent cuts to public services in Dundee, a councillor has claimed.

The shell of the vehicle was found discarded in a bunker on the third hole at the once popular municipal course on new year’s day.

It follows complaints about dirt bikers taking over parts of the course and using the fairway as a weekend jump track.

The council-owned course was recently shut down after 60 years, to the chagrin of locals and figures in Scottish golf.

Lochee Labour councillor Michael Marra said: “Sadly, it seems what we expected has come to pass.

“People are quite aghast at seeing the area like this.

“I think it’s one of those situations where if people were still able to use the course, the area is less likely to be damaged in this way.

“The park was gifted to the people of Dundee; we have a responsibility to look after it.”

It comes just two weeks after police vowed to step up patrols at Camperdown.

Just before Christmas they vowed to crack down on vandals and rogue bikers, following complaints about riders tearing up the former golf course.

A Police Scotland spokesperson said officers will be patrolling the areas looking for people using vehicles illegally or irresponsibly and said vehicles may be seized and destroyed if necessary.

Police in threat to seize dirtbikes as force ramps up patrols against Camperdown Park vandals

Course could have been an ‘invaluable asset’

The council closed the 18-holer in April this year to save on maintenance costs.

A report put together by officers had also suggested membership numbers were falling and it was unlikely to be profitable again.

Dundee dirt bikers run roughshod over city’s ‘jewel in the crown’

This was disputed by those in charge of the club, who said the number of rounds played had been increasing.

Mr Marra added: “Public spaces like this can’t just be abandoned and left.

“It’s emblematic of the cuts the SNP have been making across the city.

“It’s quite depressing to see when starting of a new year hopeful.

“Golf has been one of the few sports that the public has been able to enjoy at times during the pandemic and I know Caird Park (the council’s other course) has been very busy.

“There is a lack of creative thinking at the council which could have saved it.”

Michael McEwan, digital editor at Scottish golf magazine Bunkered, said the site of the burnt-out vehicle is “so frustrating”.

He added: “It could have been an invaluable resource for the community during lockdown and beyond. Instead, it has become a dumping ground for burnt-out cars.”

Dundee City Council have been approached for comment but did not respond.

The local authority previously said it routinely patrols the area at different times in the day and night.

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