Brad Faxon has an awesome putting drill… to do in…


Putting guru Brad Faxon has shared a valuable tip that could help you improve your stroke despite the freezing Scottish weather. 

Faxon was one of the best putters in his day, and he’s now offered putting advice to some of the best in the game, including Rory McIlroy and Justin Thomas.

The eight-time PGA Tour winner posted a video to his Instagram showing him using a mirror to help his set up in the house.

“I’ve got an idea for going over some basic fundamentals of your
putting,” said Faxon. “I’ve got this mirror. A lot of people have these
different putting mirrors, I’ve got this Groove Putting Mirror from
EyeLine Golf.

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“You can see what your eyes are like over the ball, I like mine to be
on the inside edge of the ball. I can see that my putter is square when
I get up there, I can also see my path on the way back.

“Then, I can make clean contact and watch the ball go towards a
target. I would get a glass and try to hit the ball right into the
middle of the glass, set that up about eight or ten feet away.”

Although this is a straightforward way to work on your set-up, it’s
something that the best putters use to ensure they are consistently set
up the same way.

Mirrors like this are common, and they help you to see where your
eyeline is, as well as provide a guide for your putting stroke. They’re
pretty cheap to source, and you’re likely to see the pros using them
before a round to get their setup calibrated.

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“If you do that and groove that putting stroke, you’ll have a perfect set up ready for when it’s warmer,” Faxon says.

For those who want to get out on the putting green but it’s currently
too cold, this is a great way to stay sharp and come out firing in the
summer months.


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