Bracknell biologist’s concerns over ‘holocaust’ of earthworms


A Bracknell biologist has raised concerns following a ‘holocaust’ of dead earthworms showing up on a golf course.

The man who wishes to remain anonymous claims the ‘millions’ of earthworms were killed by a chemical ahead of Wentworth Golf Clubs international tournament last week on Monday, October 5.

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He discovered the dead earthworms on the West course fairways at the golf club in Ascot.

He said: ” According to a local biologist (who wishes to remain anonymous) it seems unlikely that earthworms were the target although they can leave unsightly casts, this has not been a noticeable problem at the course, so more likely they were ‘collateral damage’ due to another problem which could well be Craneflies (Daddy Longlegs) which emerge from lawns at this time of the year.”

The biologist suggests because flies can be a nuisance for professional golfers they have to be killed.

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He added: “This yearly phenomenon puts ground staff in a difficult position because professional golfers expect immaculate conditions and they have a habit of complaining vociferously at the slightest distraction. Hence it is possible (suggests the biologist) that a poison was applied to the fairways to kill the flies as they emerge from their pupal state underground.”

A local resident, who has spoken to the biologist, got in touch with the News expressing his concerns for wildlife following the death of the earthworms.

He claims: “This is a double-whammy for bird life however, some early-bird species will rely on the earthworms for their breakfast, whilst others will be waiting for a feast on the adult Craneflies.

“At a time of declining biodiversity, golf courses could be important wildlife refuges. Unfortunately, all too often this is compromised by commercial considerations.”

Wentworth Golf Club has been contacted for further comment.

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