Best Golf Pencil Bags: Great Lightweight Carrying Options


If you like to travel light on the course, check out our guide to the best pencil bags on the market

Best Golf Pencil Bags

Knowing what the best golf bags on the market are can make a big difference when it comes to organising and planning your game. For example, pencil bags allow you to travel freely round the course and get back to a more minimal approach where you’re less burdened by equipment.

Carrying a bag gives you more freedom to move around and walk straight up to your ball wherever it’s sitting. It’s also quicker and easier to deal with pre- and post-game.

But, if you like to carry, you’re inevitably going to expend more energy than someone who has a caddie or is using a cart or trolley. To minimise energy loss and maximise carrying comfort, you might think to look for a bag that’s super lightweight and minimal – a pencil bag could be just the ticket.

Here, we take a look at some of the best golf pencil bags currently on sale.

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Best Golf Pencil Bags

Ping Moonlite Carry Bag

+ Clever stand-up strap
+ Super light at just over 1kg
– No stand to keep base off the ground

The lightest of the Ping golf bags, the Moonlite is ideal if you’re nipping out for a quick nine holes, or an evening round. But it offers sufficient functionality to be a little more than just a secondary pencil bag.

There are six pockets, including a water bottle pocket and the four-way rigid top provides easily enough room for 14 clubs.

We are big fans of the standing strap. It sits in a rigid position ready to go meaning you don’t have to bend right down to pick it up. The dual straps can be easily converted into a single strap.

This is a pretty versatile carry bag – either go minimally with a half set for reduced weight or, pack up and prepare for a longer day on the links.

Titleist Premium Carry Bag

Titleist Premium Carry Bag, Best golf pencil bags

+ As light as they come
+ Comfy carrying
– Limited storage

Weighing in at just 1kg, the Titleist Premium Carry Bag is light as a feather. It’s specifically designed for a quick summer round or nine holes in the evening with a half set. You might not get all your kit in there, but there is space for a waterproof jacket, balls and accessories.

Hitting the fairways with a pencil bag like this feels great. You’re unencumbered by bulky equipment and you can just focus on enjoying the walk and your game.

We found this bag super comfy to carry thanks to the ergonomically designed double strap, but it’s pretty solid too and the mini stand legs keep it nicely off the ground to stop it getting wet.

In our opinion, this option works best as a second bag for those who want to travel light in summer or squeeze in a quick round – it’s great to have the choice of throwing a few sticks in and striding out.

We like it so much we also included it in our guides on the best lightweight golf bags and the best Titleist golf bags too.

Callaway Carry Double Strap Bag

Callaway Carry Double Strap Bag, Best golf pencil bags

+ Lightweight
+ Good storage for a pencil bag
– No stand

There’s something very satisfying about this pencil bag. Throw a few clubs together, sling in a few balls and tees and head out onto the links. It’s a great feeling to get back to golfing basics.

This carry bag is extremely light. At only just over 1kg, it’s the lightest of the Callaway golf bags. But it has a three-way top with full-length dividers to keep your clubs separate and there’s reasonable storage in three pockets, one of which is a full-length apparel pocket.

The double strap makes it comfy to carry, while we noticed the water-resistant underside kept our kit dry when caught in a shower. Anymore moisture than that though and you might be in trouble.

For a quick nine holes on a summer’s evening, the Callaway Carry is a great option.

TaylorMade Quiver Stand Bag

TaylorMade Quiver Stand Bag

+ As light as they come
+ Nice little stand to keep bag up off wet ground
– Streamlined bag means less storage

This slim, pencil-style bag that’s supremely lightweight at just 1.4kg and takes up very little room in the boot of a car or in a locker. It’s the perfect choice for the player who wants to walk a quick nine holes or to take half a set out. But, it can easily fit a full set of clubs and there’s storage enough for a waterproof jacket plus a decent amount of accessories.

We found it to be very comfortable to carry thanks to the self-adjusting strap while the extended grab handle and short, retractable legs make it easy to quickly lift and move around. There are six pockets providing good storage for a pencil bag and the five-way top keeps clubs separated nicely.

Overall, it’s a nifty little bag that’s perfect for someone looking for a lightweight, minimal carrying option.

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Mizuno Scratch Sac Carry Bag

Mizuno Scratch Sac Carry Bag

+ Good storage for pencil bag
+ Double and single strap options
– No mini stand

The Scratch Sac has evolved over the years and Mizuno’s latest design delivers a number of excellent features. There’s now a four-way top that helps you keep a full set of clubs nicely organised and there are four decent sized pockets, including a full-side apparel pocket and a valuables pouch.

We found it pretty comfy to carry thanks to the double strap, but a single strap option further minimises the look if you prefer.

It comes in either black/grey or Mizuno Staff colours (blue and white), which looks great. Lightweight to carry and taking up very little space, in our opinion this is one of the best golf pencil bags on the market.

Sun Mountain Leather Sunday Bag

Golf Pencil Bags

+ Looks the business
+ Lightweight for a leather bag
– Premium leather means premium price tag.

This is a great looking, premium leather bag that harks bag to a more elegant golfing age. In terms of aesthetics, this beautifully constructed bag is hard to beat – it definitely turns heads.

Made from 100% Mongolian Yak Leather, it’s soft to the touch but it’s also highly durable – it’s not a bag you’ll take out every game but if well looked after, it should last for years of special golfing occasions.

Although storage is limited, we enjoyed enough space for valuables and accessories, but it’s really a bag you’ll only be taking out when the weather is fair. In terms of clubs, there’s a four-way top and full-length dividers, keeping your sticks well separated and organised.

If you’re after a classic-looking bag constructed using quality materials and workmanship, the Sun Mountain Leather Sunday Bag is well worth considering.

Jones Original Carry Bag

Jones Original Carry Bag

+ Great retro styling
+ Three-way divider to keep clubs separate
– Limited storage space

Golfers looking for a little nostalgia might like to consider the Original Jones golf carry bag. These tremendous looking bags began life in 1971 and the retro look remains the same today.

Yes, there are a couple of modern twists, like the use of a water-resistant leather-look vinyl to keep the grips dry, but the iconic design is as it was 48 years ago.

The retro single strap and unstructured body remind you that sometimes, keeping golf simple is the best way, while three pockets provide plenty of room for your accessories. The bag comes with a 7.5” diameter top and a three-way divider.

This bag looks great and is perfect for a quick round on a summer’s evening.

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