Best Golf Bags For Seniors


In this guide to the Best Golf Bags For Seniors, we pick out the best options for golfers in the twilight stages of their career on the course

Best Golf Bags For Seniors

A golf bag is just a golf bag – or is it? Getting on in your golfing life means that you are unlikely to be carrying a full set in a normal stand bag. I mean, why would you? It’s heavy! That’s why the best golf push cart bags for trolleys are so popular these days.

However even cart bags can get pretty heavy when manoeuvring a trolley, so lightweight versions are becoming more mainstream as manufacturers use new materials and techniques to create
trolley bags that have enough space for your gear, retain their shape and weigh much less than the traditional cart bag.

This is important for senior golfers as it makes them lighter to lift in and out of the car, but also on and off the trolley. It also makes the trolley easier to steer on the course as the combined weight
with the bag means less effort is required, particularly if you are using a push trolley rather than an electric one.

One of the major developments in golf bags in recent years has been waterproof materials that are much thinner and lighter than before. The best waterproof golf bags usually come with storm zips and cool pockets to keep your drinks cool they are very robust and keep everything dry.

Even though seniors golfers don’t often carry, there are exceptions. With many courses restricting trolleys in the winter due to course conditions, more manufacturers are now also offering
lightweight golf bags, some that are effectively pencil bags with legs.

The best pencil bags are usually a little shorter and smaller with 7 inch tops and a couple of pockets for a few items – ideal for taking a half set and a few balls out for a winter game.

Best Golf Bags For Seniors – Lightweight Cart Bags

Motocaddy Lite Series Cart Bag

Lightweight bag with Easilock hands free base fastening system

RRP: £139.99   Weight: 2.2kg    Pockets: 7
Waterproof: No     Colours: 3

+ Lightweight cart bag at 2.2kg
+ Excellent storage options
– Not waterproof

If you are finding that the return journey from bending down to attach the bottom of your bag to the trolley is troublesome, then bag fastening systems such as the Easilock on the Motocaddy Lite Series will make the process much easier.

Instead of straps, there are two studs in the bottom of each bag that click into place when you place it on the base of the Motocaddy trolley. These hold it firmly in place until the end of the round with the bag can be easily unclipped, making it one of the best golf bags for seniors.

The Lite Series weighs just 2.2kg and comes with 7 pockets and a 14-way divider so there is plenty of storage. It’s not waterproof, but it is therefore lighter and cheaper than the rain protecting
Motocaddy Dry Series bags.

If you are a fair-weather golfer looking for a lightweight trolley bag then the Motocaddy Lite Series is worth picking up.

PowaKaddy X-Lite Cart Bag

Lightweight bag with Key-Lock base at competitive price


RRP: £139.99    Weight: 2.2kg    Pockets: 7
Waterproof: No    Colours: 2

+ Lightweight at just 2.2kg
+ Excellent value for money
– Basic styling

PowaKaddy’s entry level bag is also its lightest at just 2.2kg, which means that you get a bag that is easy to lift and also comes with the Key-Lock base to fit their trolleys, as well as many others.

It comes with 7 pockets including 2 full length apparel pockets and a drink cooler pocket so there is plenty of space for all your gear.

It may not have all the other bells and whistles you might find on more expensive bags, but it has all the main features you need in a no-nonsense style and at a great price.

Cobra Golf Ultralight Trolley Bag

Lightweight cart bag that offers excellent value for money

Cobra Ultralight Trolley Bag Review

RRP: £149    Weight: 2.3kg    Pockets: 13
Waterproof: No    Colours: 4

+ Lightweight with excellent grab handles
+ Great value for money
– Compact styling

The Cobra 2021 Ultralight Cart bag brings a lot of features for a great price. It has a 14 way divider in the 9 inch top, plus a detachable rain hood.

There are 13 pockets all over the bag for everything you need including a fleece lined valuables pocket and insulated cooler pocket for your drinks.

The base is compatible with most makes of trolley and there is a pass through slot for the cart strap if you need it too, making it one of the best golf bags for seniors.

It’s not waterproof, but if you are looking for a lightweight cart bag with plenty of store options for a great price then the Cobra 2021 Ultralight is worth picking up.

Best Golf Bags For Seniors – Waterproof Cart Bags

PowaKaddy Dri Tech Cart Bag

Waterproof trolley bag with lots of storage pockets

PowaKaddy Dri Tech Golf Trolley Bag

RRP: £259.99    Weight: 2.3kg    Pockets: 7
Waterproof: Yes    Colours: 5

+ Waterproof cart bag
+ Lightweight design
– Limited colour choice

The PowaKaddy Dri Tech cart bag weights in at just 2.3kg, which is very light for a bag with 7 pockets with seam sealed zips.

The waterproof nylon fabric can handle up to 10,000mm of rain, which is more than even the wettest day can throw at it.

It is available in several variations of black with different colour accents, or ‘titanium’ silver so the colour choice could be wider.

However this is a small issue as the lightness of the PowaKaddy Dri Tech cart bag means that your clubs are protected from the elements and you have a bag that reduces the strain when using with
your trolley.

Callaway Chev Dry 14 Cart Bag

Great value lightweight waterproof golf bag

Callaway Chev Dry 14 Cart Bag

RRP: £190    Weight: 2.2kg    Pockets: 6
Waterproof: Yes    Colours: 7

+ Lightweight and waterproof
+ Good value for money
– No cooler pocket

For those on a budget then the Callaway Chev Dry cart bag offers you a great value lightweight waterproof golf bag.

It comes with six seam sealed pockets to carry all your gear and a 14 way top that includes a dedicated putter well, making it one of the best golf bags for seniors.

The TPR Strap Bite technology on the top of the bag uses two Velcro straps to secure your bag to the trolley. There is also a padded handle for easy lifting on an off.

There is a wide choice of colours, most of which are quite bold, so the Callaway Chev Dry 14 cart bag gives you everything you need for a great price.

Motocaddy Dry Series Bag

Waterproof cart bag with Easilock base for hassle free on and off


RRP: £249.99    Weight: 2.4kg    Pockets: 7
Waterproof: Yes    Colours: 4

+ Lightweight and waterproof
+ Good storage space
– No cooler pocket

The Motocaddy Dry Series cart bag brings everything to the party with a lightweight bag featuring a TPU Coated Nylon waterproof fabric to your clubs and gear dry.

I have used this in torrential rainstorms and it has kept all the water out, especially in the pockets thanks to the thermo seam sealed YKK zips.

There is ample space in the two large apparel pockets on each side and the easy to access front pockets also feature a cooler pocket which does well at keeping drinks chilled on a hot day.

There are nice touches like a towel holder, Velcro glove pad and grab handles at the top and bottom so everything has been thought of. Combine this with the Easilock base system for use with Motocaddy
trolleys and you have a comprehensive bag offering that doesn’t require a strap to hold the base of the bag in place.

Best Golf Bags For Seniors – Carry Bags

Titleist Premium Carry Bag

A minimalist option ideal for summer strolls

Titleist Premium Carry Bag

RRP: £90     Weight: 1kg/2.2lbs    Pockets: 4
Waterproof: No      Colors: 3

+ As light as they come
+ Comfy carrying
– Limited storage

Weighing in at just 1kg, the Titleist Premium Carry Bag is light as a feather. It’s specifically designed for a quick summer round or nine holes in the evening with a half set. You might not get all your kit in there, but there is space for a waterproof jacket, balls and accessories.

Hitting the fairways with a pencil bag like this feels great. You’re unencumbered by bulky equipment and you can just focus on enjoying the walk and your game.

We found this bag super comfy to carry thanks to the ergonomically designed double strap, but it’s pretty solid too and the mini stand legs keep it nicely off the ground to stop it getting wet.

In our opinion, this option works best as a second bag for those who want to travel light in summer or squeeze in a quick round – it’s great to have the choice of throwing a few sticks in and striding out.

We like it so much we also included it in our guides on the best lightweight golf bags and the best Titleist golf bags too.

Sun Mountain H2NO Lite Speed Stand Bag

Sun Mountain H2NO Lite Speed Stand Bag, sun mountain stand bag, stand bag full of clubs

RRP: £289/$299.99     Weight: 2kg/4.4lbs     Pockets: 6
Waterproof: Yes      Colors: 6

+ Complete waterproof protection
+ Comfortable strap system
– 4-way top might not be enough separation for some

This is a mid-sized stand bag that, although not as light as some, provides great versatility given it is 100% waterproof and offers impressive storage options.

The fully waterproof and lightweight H2NO Lite Speed stand bag weighs in at just 2kg and features a 4-way with plenty of club storage for a bag of this size.
There is plenty of storage elsewhere too with six pockets providing ample storage and include a full-length clothing pocket, several accessory compartments and an easily accessible beverage pouch.

The fully adjustable X-Strap Dual Strap System guarantees comfort and ease of use, with the carry straps being attached to the top of the bag for a more balanced carry.

Sturdy aluminum legs add stability and activate quickly, while the Velcro leg lock system ensures seamless application on trolleys.

As will all bags in the H2NO series, it is fully waterproof to the highest specification with TPU coated fabric, sealed seams and a matching rainhood meaning all of your belongings will be protected as and when the heavens open.

Ping Moonlite Carry Bag

Lightweight pencil bag with no-nonsense design


RRP: £95    Weight: 1.1kg    Pockets: 2
Waterproof: No    Colours: 4

+ Stand up strap for easy lifting
+ Lightweight at 1.1kg with robust fabric
+ Dual or single strap
– Side pocket not full length.

The Ping Moonlight is one of the leading pencil bags out there, combining a compact, lightweight design with enough storage for essential items.

The rigid 4-way top separates your clubs, vital if you are carrying a full set, and helps create enough structure to make the Moonlight feel and behave like a regular carry bag.

The Moonlight is one of the few pencil bags to offer a dual or single strap option and the way the strap stands up when the bag is on the ground reduces the amount of bending over required to lift

Having used a Ping Moonlight for years, the current version has a shorter side pocket than the full length pocket I preferred on earlier versions, but that does not otherwise detract from what is an
excellent pencil bag.

Big Max Aqua 7 Stand Bag

Great lightweight mini stand bag to save bending over

Big Max Aqua 7

RRP: £159    Weight: 1.7kg    Pockets: 4
Waterproof: Yes    Colours: 7

+ Stand legs saves bending down
+ Waterproof
– No single strap option

If a pencil bag on the ground is too far down to pick up then the BigMax Aqua 7 is a pencil bag with stand legs to save your back. This type of mini stand bag is becoming increasingly popular and offers the best of both worlds for carrying either a full or a half set.

The Aqua 7 weighs just 1.7kg and is made from the I-Dry waterproof fabric that is 100% waterproof and also comes with a large oversize winter top for more space. The dual strap spreads the load, but it would have been nice to see a single strap option too.

The four-way top can fit a whole set, which also makes it ideal for travelling and there are clever features like a cooler pocket, valuables pocket and a leg lock tab if you are putting the bag on a
trolley or cart.

TaylorMade Quiver Stand Bag

Pencil bag with mini legs offers best of both worlds


RRP: £89.99   Weight: 1.4kg    Pockets: 4
Waterproof: No    Colours: 2

+ Mini legs keep bag off ground
+ Lightweight 1.4kg design
– Only double strap option

The TaylorMade Quiver golf bag comes with retractable mini stand legs that keep most of the bag off the damp ground and also provide that little bit of help picking the bag up as it is not quite as far
to reach down.

The lightweight 1.4kg design features a full length pocket that is split into 3 to give you plenty of storage options, making it one of the best TaylorMade golf bags available for seniors.

The is a 3-way divider on the top of the bag for your clubs that combines with an easy to use grab handle to lift and go.

It’s not waterproof and again only has a double strap option, but the mini stand design is the ideal compromise between a lightweight pencil bag and a stand bag.

Golf Bag Buying Advice For Senior Golfers

Choosing the right bag for senior golf can be complex but by asking yourself these questions, you should be able to choose the right golf bag for you:

Do you use a golf trolley?
Lighter trolley bags means less weight to push or steer on the course and also to lift in and out of the car. Combine this with one of the strap free connectors on the base of the trolley and you won’t
have to bend down to attach the bag either.

Should you consider a waterproof bag?
For trolley bags do you need a waterproof bag or would a cheaper lightweight alternative for summer golf. The quality and treatment of the fabric may influence the cost of a waterproof bag so
you will get what you pay for. If you are a fair-weather golfer then a non-waterproof bag may be a cheaper option.

How many pockets do you need?
How much extra clothing, balls, waterproofs, gloves, food and drink do you normally take on the course? A trolley bag offers space to take it all but it will make the bag heavier. Think about what
you need on the course and then by the bag with the right storage for you.

Do you like to carry your club or do you have to carry in the winter?
There are many lightweight pencil bags that can lighten the load of you have to carry. If carrying, how many clubs are you going to carry? Take 7 or 10 clubs to lighten the load, create more fun and
allow you to pick a lightweight pencil bag for more freedom and easy lifting.

If carrying your clubs, you want to be wearing as many clothes as you need as the space is more limited. Also limit the number of balls you take to the most you have ever lost in one round, as they
can add weight too.

Choice of colours
Do you want to stand out on the course with your trolley bag or do you want it to match the colour of your trolley? Some brands are more conservative than others so look around for the right colour

As always cost is a factor and the main brands have a deserved reputation for quality. The better trolley bags can last for a long time so the investment could pay off in the long run. If you are on a
budget and don’t play often look around for good deals as there are plenty of good value options.

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