Best Callaway 2021 Spring Summer Apparel


Check out our guide to Callaway’s 2021 Spring/Summer apparel and float the fairways in style this year

Best Callaway 2021 Spring Summer Apparel

While most will have heard of the AI-inspired technology incorporated into Callaway’s range of clubs, you might not be aware that the brand adopts a similar approach in designing its apparel.

Featuring innovative and performance-driven products that are made with sustainable fabrics thanks to Callaway’s commitment to use a minimum of 30 per cent recycled polyester in its tops and 25 per cent in itd bottoms, the 2021 Spring/Summer collection is not to be missed.

The big-name brand has raised its game this year with its Swing Tech fabric delivering unparalleled levels of stretch and freedom, while the design philosophy takes inspiration from floral prints, micro-conversational patterns and the classic Chev trademark. 

Not only is there a wide range of styles available for men and women, also included is Callaway X – the signature European slim-fit line, perfect for the modern man looking to make a statement both on and off the course. 

All this combines into a brilliantly versatile collection that will appeal to all golfers in one way or another.

So, without further delay, let’s take a tour of each product’s finer details.

Best Callaway 2021 Spring Summer Apparel

Men’s Collection

Callaway All Over Focus Floral Polo

+ Extremely comfortable and well-fitting
+ Provides stretch in all areas
– Bright styling won’t be for everyone

As the name suggests, this Callaway polo features a floral design, drawing inspiration from the trend for larger-scale prints. We really like this philosophy and think it looks great, particularly at this time of year. But it performs exceptionally, too.

We loved how unrestricted it allowed us to feel on the course thanks to the Swing Tech fabrics, which deliver more stretch than ever to maximise the range of motion, no matter the swing. Additionally, it’s really light and comfortable, allowing for good ventilation and just providing an all-round pleasant experience from start to finish. 

This eye-catching shirt is sure to draw some attention and, coming in at a great price, we think it will be a real hit with golfers.

Callaway Pieced Printed ¼ Zip Pullover

+ Can be worn in a variety of conditions
+ Understated style will suit a wide range of golfers
– Only one colour option

Best Callaway 2021 Spring Summer Apparel

Who doesn’t love a good quarter zip? They are a staple of the golfer’s wardrobe and the Pieced Printed Pullover from Callaway is up there with the best of them in every department.

Specifically, we enjoyed testing this as it can be worn in most conditions and settings, whether on the course or not, and it is also made with Swing Tech fabrics for the ultimate in performance. Although an additional layer, we felt no resistance whatsoever. 

Its design is one of subtlety, with flashes of pink trim and white detailing across the chest meaning it will be popular among a wide range of style preferences. Banish the old and pick up a new go-to quarter zip. You won’t regret it. 

Callaway Micro GEO Jacquard Polo

+ Looks and feels great 
+ Versatile fit and amazing value for money
– Maybe doesn’t have the shelf appeal of others

Best Callaway 2021 Spring Summer Apparel

This Micro Geo Jacquard polo is a stylish t-shirt that comes with a tour logo on the right sleeve as well as a nice chest block and a three colourway shoulder design. We also found it to be really comfortable and thought it looked great when complemented by a colour-coordinated pair of trousers.

The subtle detailing on the collar adds a nice finishing touch to what is a brilliant top from Callaway and one that delivers exceptional value for money. 

A reminder that all the clothes in this range not only perform and look great, but they have been made, in part, using various forms of plastic waste. A noble cause if ever there was one.

Callaway Lightweight Tech Trouser II

+ Fits really well in all areas
+ Plenty of stretch and pocket space
– Only available in black

Best Callaway 2021 Spring Summer Apparel

Completing the men’s collection is Callaway’s Chev Tech Trouser II. With its stretching capabilities and lightweight construction, this is one of the most comfortable pairs of trousers we’ve tested in a long time. 

Not only did we enjoy the feel on offer but we also found them to fit really well in all areas, which is one of the hardest parts of finding the perfect trouser for you. There was enough space around the thighs without it getting too roomy and around the lower leg and ankle was the same. 

Finally, the front and back pockets provide ample space for a golfer’s needs and ensure nothing should slip out accidentally. Our only wish is that there were more colour options available. 

Women’s Collection

Callaway Chev Floral Polo

+ Modern style and collar
+ Figure-hugging shape 
– Design could be a little busy for some

Chev Floral Print Polo

The women’s range also benefits from Callaway’s performance-driven approach to its 2021 Spring/Summer collection. In this polo, style is fused with substance to create something that will help golfers perform at their best on the course and look stylish in any setting.

Once again, we noticed that the Swing Tech fabric came into its own to provide unparalleled levels of freedom in the swing. We really felt the difference in stretch compared to other garments we often wear on the course. 

Not only that, but this t-shirt also features Callaway’s classic Chev trademark in the print design, as well as a button mock neck and princess seams to ensure it is shaped perfectly. And all this is available at a great price point, therefore offering terrific value for money.

Callaway Pull-On City Short II 

+ Elasticated waist provides comfort and a great fit
+ Very well priced
– Doesn’t have the wow factor of other products in the collection

Pull On City Short II

A staple in the women’s game in particular, finding a pair of shorts you like is essential. If you’re on the hunt, look no further than Callaway’s Pull-On City shorts. With a deep elasticated waist and four pockets – two front and two back – they tick all the boxes. 

They are super comfy thanks to the level of stretch provided, which also helped us look and feel our best when striding the fairways during testing. Available in peacoat, which is essentially a nice shade of navy blue, and made to the highest standards, don’t miss out on these affordable and eco-friendly shorts from Callaway this year. 

Callaway X Collection (slim fit)

Callaway All Over Geo Print Polo

+ Unique, eye-catching aesthetics 
+ Really lightweight and breathable
– Might need to size up because of slim-fit design

All Over Geo Print Polo

This one is a real statement. Part of the brand’s X range that has been designed with a unique and modern look in mind, on first glance it’s clear to see that has been achieved. A white main body is contrasted by a sporadic pattern of multicoloured triangles that really grew on us quickly, while the ‘beetle green’ collar, shoulder and cuff round off the look nicely. 

And as well as the unique style, the fit of this polo offers something different. Golfers who prefer something that hugs the chest and arms will love this shirt as it combines a close fit with performance elsewhere. 

Not something we would normally go for, but in the end we were very impressed with everything this shirt has to offer, and we’re confident you will be too.

Callaway Classic Merino Crew Sweater

+ Feels very soft and comfortable
+ Suitable for off-course wear
– Beetle green won’t be up everyone’s street

Merino Sweater Beetle Green

You don’t see as many classic sweaters in the game of golf anymore. Whether it’s a variation of the zipped pullover, or even the golf hoodie that’s risen to prominence very recently, the days when most took to the course in your basic sweater are on the decline. But there’s still absolutely a place for them, which is why it’s great to see one included in Callaway’s latest apparel collection.

And what better material to use than merino. Remaining true to the brand’s sustainability pledge, recycled plastics have also been used in the construction of this extremely comfortable sweater that kept us warm in cooler conditions. 

Elsewhere, beetle green is back but this time it’s the main colour, with just a small touch of white contrast detailing on the collar and cuff in a design that we found to our liking. And similarly to the Geo Print polo, it is quite a figure-hugging garment, perfect for those with a physique they want to show off. This makes it a little awkward to take off and put on, but such a small sacrifice is well worth it for this sweater that we think is a bargain.

Callaway Accessories

Callaway V Logo Belt

+ Reversible, meaning you have two options in one
+ Looks good and fits nicely
– Price could put some off

Chev Belt II

A good belt should complement an outfit rather than steal the headlines, which is what Callaway’s V Logo product does. And not only does it look the part on one side, but it’s also reversible, meaning you essentially get two great options for the price of one. 

Another thing we really liked about it is the fact that it’s cut to fit. Nobody wants to see that awkward spare bit of belt dangling down the side of their trousers, so this is a big plus. It’s not leather but that makes it comfortable and weightless while it does its primary job and we also really liked the simplicity of the buckle design. It’s not flashy like some of the garish products on the market these days, so it acts as a perfect buffer between upper and lower layers.

There are no airs and graces about this well-designed belt that is easy to slip on and off and would make a great addition to anyone’s wardrobe.

Callaway Side Crested Cap

+ Comfortable and doesn’t get too stuffy inside
+ Looks good 
– Can get dirty easily if not careful

Mens Side Crested Cap

Whether a fashion statement or something to protect people from the sun, a cap is a favourite among golfers and can round out an outfit nicely. That’s certainly what we found with Callaway’s Side Crested offering. 

Available in white, it works perfectly when matched with the rest of the apparel line and does a great job of keeping sweat at bay, even in scorching conditions. It’s also comfortable and should fit most head shapes. What more can you ask for?

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