Best Backyard Golf Games – golfing fun in the garden


Friends and family coming over? These golf games will provide hours of fun in the garden.

Best Backyard Golf Games

So, you’ve invited some friends and family over for a barbecue, and you’re thinking it would be a good idea to include some golf in the day’s activities.

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What you need is a golf game – something simple and fun for everyone.

Here’s our selection of the best backyard golf games, guaranteed to appeal to the serious golfers who can’t let a get together pass without a competition, as well as those who don’t know one end of the golf club from the other.

Best Backyard Golf Games

PutterBall Golf Beer Pong

A putting mat that’s great for working on your stroke during the week, but can then be used as a party game at the weekend.

It comes with two putters, two golf balls, beer pong mat and golf hole covers – but, sadly, no beer.

Quite simply, sink putts into the opposing team’s cups.

Of course, it needn’t involve alcohol, and there are standard game rules, too.

Moji Workshop Wooden Kids Golf Set

Screenshot 2021 06 29 at 08.28.52

Perfect for when the barbecue is on and the children are running around causing mayhem.

This kids mini golf game isn’t just ideal for family get togethers, but it’s a super bit of kit to help introduce little ones to the game.

Made from high quality wood, the putters and accessories (21 puzzle pieces) are a lot more robust, too, and able to withstand the odd tantrum.

Pool Golf Game Set

Screenshot 2021 06 29 at 08.30.15

Worried about going on holiday without the golf clubs? Fear not, just take this with you.

Sports performance experts talk a lot about the need to practice under pressure – what could be more nerve-racking than chipping to a floating target.

Longridge Backyard Flag Stick

Screenshot 2021 06 29 at 08.31.47

You don’t need to turn your backyard into Augusta’s par 3 course, but if you’re going to play a putting and/or chipping competition, you should have a flag stick.

Easy to assemble and wallet friendly, perhaps it’s an idea to get two or three.

Indoor Outdoor Golf Putting Cups

Screenshot 2021 06 29 at 09.04.16

Create your own rules and games with these moveable putting cups.

They’re ideal for indoor practice, but if you’re a golf mad family and have lots of get togethers, then you should definitely store a few of these in the garage.

Champkey Rubber Golf Putting Cup

Screenshot 2021 06 29 at 08.34.45

A good one for the patio, as these cups collect perfect putts and reject those which are either off line or have the incorrect speed.

And because you get nine USGA regular size putting cups as part of the set, you can set up your own nine hole layout.

Par is 18 and the winner gets first pick of what’s on the barbecue.

KreativeKraft Footgolf

Screenshot 2021 06 29 at 08.35.47

Is is going to improve your golf game? Probably not, but it’s still all about shooting at a target.

It’s somewhat easier to play than golf, too, which is no bad thing.

Yeego Direct Target Net

Screenshot 2021 06 29 at 08.37.22

You’re unlikely to find this in Tiger Woods’ backyard, but then this is designed more for a bit of fun.

It comes with a 3 ft by 2ft target, a hitting mat, 12 colour foam balls and a carry case – perfect for when you need a golf game to take camping.

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