Are you using the right putter for your game? We went to find out


Do you use a putter that suits your eye, or one that science proves is better for you? Hannah Holden took Alex Perry to Scottsdale Golf in a bid to win this office debate

Is putting art or science? We’re always arguing at NCG Towers about whether you should use a putter that suits your eye, or a putter which is proven by data to work best for you. The best way to settle it? A putter fitting, of course.

So we sent Alex Perry to get fitted for a SIK putter at Scottsdale Golf’s HQ in Warrington.

Alex is a 14-handicap and considers putting the strongest part of his game. He has played with a blade putter his entire life – because that’s what he likes the look of – but should he be using something different?

And, more importantly, should YOU be using something different?

SIK putter fitting

Scottsdale’s top SIK putter fitter Rob Braithwaite hooked Alex up to the SAM Puttlab technology to talk him through the process.

See how Alex got on – and whether he made the switch or not – in the video above.

If you’ve ever had a putter fitting, we’d love to hear from you. Drop us a note in the comments below, or under the YouTube video, or you can tweet us.

All clothing and shoes used in our videos are supplied by FootJoy. This video was filmed at Scottsdale Golf in Warrington. 

About SIK putters

SIK putters are used by the likes of Bryson DeChambeau and are the creators of the patented Descending Loft Technology, which works to launch the golf ball at a consistent angle which in turn leads to consistent distance control.

You can learn more on the SIK putters website.

Now win a SIK putter!

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