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Arccos has decided to enhance the already brilliant features on its Arccos Caddie platform with the introduction of a next-generation Smart Club Distances algorithm and enhanced putt data tracking, plus a first-of-its-kind weather and location scenarios tool.

Developed by Arccos’ team of boffins, the latest Smart Club Distances machine learning algorithm takes accuracy to a new level by providing a precise estimation of how far you hit a well-struck shot with each club in your bag.

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Miss-hits, exceptionally long and recovery shots are now automatically identified and eliminated from the calculations, which helps to fuel Arccos’ award-winning A.I. caddie club recommendations.

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Plus, you can now filter the total number of shots included by the algorithms at any given time to facilitate analysis of any recent changes in your swing, equipment or other game aspects.

Arccos Weather

Further extending the value of Smart Club Distances is the weather and location scenarios tool. This graphically intuitive feature allows Arccos members to easily select from a wide range of weather conditions (ex: wind speed, wind direction and temperature variations) and altitudes.

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It then uses machine learning to assess the impact of these adjustments across the Smart Distance of every club in your bag.

Arccos Putting

To go along with these brilliant updates, significant enhancements to Arccos functionality on the greens are being added at the same time.

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These include the addition of second and third putt distance tracking for even more accurate putting Stroke Gained analytics, a green grid view toggle and the ability to enable walking path tracking for better post-round identification of pin and putt locations.

If you are unsure whether or not to get on the data tracking bandwagon, just consider this, in 2020 the average new Arccos member improved their handicap by 5.02 strokes.

That is because Arccos members have recorded an astonishing eight million rounds and over 475 million shots with the system, while playing courses in 194 countries. This feeds the brand’s remarkably large on-course dataset, which now includes 31 billion separate data points that are analysed to you perform your best.

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