Algarve sets record with 307 new daily Covid cases, Portugal has more than 10,000


So sad to read this post from someone so obviously delusional. USA ceased to be a country of note when it voted in Trump as their president, now it is just a world wide laughing stock. Their own people have died in the thousands of this virus she calls a hoax …. Trump himself says he had it …. so how do they explain that?

By Ange McCallum
from Algarve on 08-01-2021 02:37

Maybe if someone in you’re family or close friend dies from this virus you may have a different attitude. If not I suggest you keep your views to yourself and shut the f…k up. Bet you’re Trump supporters as well !!!

By Peter Bird
from Algarve on 08-01-2021 01:21

Miss Jones, I believe the word you were looking for is ‘peddle’ and not pedal.

Still, even with this and other much needed corrections to your mother language skills, your message still makes absolutely no sense.

By DRuivo
from Lisbon on 08-01-2021 05:23

Jenny Jones you need to be locked up,its mindless idiots like you, go back to the USA,propaganda,traitors,puppets you need to free yourself and fly home you muppet .

By Bobby S
from Algarve on 07-01-2021 06:56

the BS flu renamed coronavirus is a favorite weapon of useless and corrupt left wing politicians. The best way to stay safe is vote these politicians out of office.

forget the useless mask. get rid of useless politicians

By rod
from USA on 07-01-2021 04:42

Great. Just when you think Americans couldn’t make themselves look any more stupid you get someone posting this load of garbage.

By Terence McDine
from Algarve on 07-01-2021 03:59

I am freeing myself from all the propaganda and lies spread by the misfortunate people who are tangled in the web of disinformation.

By Annie
from Algarve on 07-01-2021 03:22

This fear mongering story is a lie?

Its gov Propaganda to justify to keep the lockdowns going, they are just making it up, as they go along!

To pedal fear, and maintain the hoax pandemic lie,

They following orders from wef, un, who, eussr, imf, to maintain this phony pandemic, the aim to destroy western economy, enslave us all in communism.

Do not believe these propaganda press pieces, that are put out by corrupt traitor governments and political puppets!

Wake up, look around you, realise the truth! Free yourself from this lie.

By Jenny jones
from USA on 07-01-2021 12:41

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