A Condor has been recorded at a U.S. golf course


We all dream of hole-in-ones, eagles, or getting lucky and hitting an albatross. Something less likely has happened, as a man from California carded a Condor in this edition of golf news.

I don’t know about you, but I enjoy scouring the golf news across the web for interesting stories. I was amazed to find out that someone in California carded a Condor. If you aren’t up on your bird names, I got you covered there with every possible one. A condor is four under par on a single hole.

Now, if you are reading this so far and thinking “A hole-in-one on a par 5? LIAR!” then we are in the same boat, as that is what I was thinking as well.

Enter the Lake Chabot Golf Course. They are here to prove us wrong, as their 18th hole is actually a par-6. A PAR-6! Sitting near 700 yards, the downhill/steep slope finishing hole provides a finish, unlike anything you’ve likely ever seen.

Kevin Pon teed up and blasted… more like piped his drive perfectly, watching it bounce and bounce and cart path and cart path and roll and roll, continuing on before stopping at an amazing ~550 yards. He only had 120 yards in. Wonder what it would be like to see Cam Champ or Tony Finau play here. It might not change too much, as the fairway and hole funnel down towards the location that Pon ended up in, leaving his approach uphill into the green.

Anyway, Pon then had a blind shot in from about 125 yards. A drive that goes over 500 yards would be the shot of most people’s lives. For Pon, it wasn’t even his best shot on the hole. The wedge that he hit would hole out, leaving Pon to write the most beautiful two he has ever seen on the par-6 hole.

Luckily for some of the sceptics out there, Pon wasn’t playing with himself and had a playing partner in his group to help corroborate on the story.  It wasn’t just his partner, as there was actually a course marshall sitting there watching the green, and actually saw the ball bounce a couple of times before going in.

Now, Pon is the holder of an incredible record, the only known condor on a par-6, and just the fourth in history.

I wish all of you a semblance of luck similar to what Pon experienced. Maybe you’ll show up in nationwide golf news someday. Whether it be a birdie, an eagle, and albatross… or the rarest of all shots in the USA, a condor.

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