JP Sousa General Manager at Benamor Golf


Daily Golf Journal Interview Series- Interview #4

JP Sousa General Manager at Benamor Golf gives the heads up on a host of deals for when the Portugal Golf Tourism returns…

“We have very low expectations for the rest of this current season at Benamor. We reopened May for members only, but we are only expecting tourist golfers in September/October and November but not to the same levels of previous years around that time. However, there are a number of factors which could change between now and then eg a vaccine found but many golfers may still not travel due to future financial worries and work issues”.

JP believes that there will only be shoots of recovery from March next year; with perhaps the same numbers in 2019 only being realised again in 2022. He obviously hopes that recovery will come faster but we need to be realistic. “All of it takes time but that’s why Portugal came up with the Clean & Clear campaign to protect and build a safe environment not just at golf clubs but at all tourist areas. Life will return to normal but not in the same way for the entire tourism industry”.

“Benamor identifies itself as a family golf course, it’s still a challenge but it’s not a tough golf course so its friendly for the mid and high handicappers. Membership has varied over the last few years. It’s of course still commercial but it’s a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. We have around 400 members and a mix of annual memberships, 3 month memberships and even 1 month memberships. Benamor is very attractive to the Scandinavian market and all golfers are immediately made to feel at home at here.

Members are encouraged to bring family and friends and use the facilities at the club. Benamor Classic Tournaments are played throughout the year and some events incorporate a gastronomic with wine experience. These social events are hoping to go ahead again from September. The focus is to show off the fabulous food and wine qualities of Portugal.

New promotions for summer memberships are being launched soon, but here’s a quick heads up!

Summer special 2 months :

  • Individual:            400€
  • Couple:                 720€
    • c/ buggy 240€ or 10€ p/ round

(Julho/Agosto – unlimited golf)

Summer special 2 months:

  • Individual:            240€ (20€, média 12 voltas mês)
  • Couple:                 410€ (15€, média 12 voltas mês)
    • c/ buggy 240€ ou 10€ p/ volta

(Julho/Agosto – unlimited golf)

Summer Promotions

  • Tee Times from 8H to 11H
    • 55€ – 1 pax
  • Tee Times from 11H to 14H
    • 40€ – 1 pax c/ Trolley
    • 65€ – 1 pax c/ Buggy
    • 105€ – 2 pax c/ Buggy
  • Tee Times from 14H – 9 holes and plus
    • 25€ – 1 pax c/ Trolley
    • 50€ – 1 pax c/ Buggy
    • 105€ – 2 pax c/ Buggy


3 rounds Promotion

  • 105€ – 1 pax c/ Trolley
  • 155€ – 1 pax c/ Buggy
  • 300€ – 2 pax c/ Buggy


JP worked every day and travelled from Quarteira daily to Benamor with permission letter to show to the authorities. Had good family time during Lockdown spending time cooking at home etc. JP has a family run Hostel & Suites in Quarteira called Conii  The only real stress he felt during lockdown was that the Country’s Economy had in fact virtually shut down.

JP has a degree in financial management and a post grad in regional economy and local development. He is also involved as a member of the board of the Portuguese golf federation and a member of the Algarve tourism board. In the past also president of the golf managers association of Portugal. His hostel is now hoping to attract some golfers to stay and play golf locally.

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